Adding LumenX Programmers

This page helps you to identify the Parts/Kits (network switch, power supply, hard drive...) needed to upgrade your PSV7000 System for LumenX programming.

Due to workspace/area constraints, the number of existing FlashCORE programmers in your system will limit the number of LumenX programmers you can add (if the system already has 20 FlashCORE programmers, then there is only enough room for adding one LumenX programmer..).


  • Each LumenX programmer has 8 sockets (vs. 4 sockets per FC3 programmer) and thus, occupies 1.5 times the space that an FC3 programmer occupies; in terms of interior workspace, one LX programmer occupies 1.5 programmer bays (while one FC3 programmer occupies 1 programmer bay)
  • Each power supply supports up to 4 LX programmers (or up to 8 FC3 programmers)
  • The addition of a single LumenX programmer to a PSV7000 System includes a programmer power supply dedicated for LumenX programmer(s); no additional parts are needed to support the addition of a single LumenX programmer
  • When adding 2 or more LumenX programmers (regardless of the number of existing FC3 programmers), use the drop-down control below




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